Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've Converted

I have to admit that immediately after I posted my last post, The Fat Girl in the Room, I worried about whether someone would comment, "Yes, of course I see a fat girl in those photographs--it's you!"

I am quite relieved that did not happen. Thank you for being so kind, you wonderful people who take the time to comment on my little blog ;)

Moving on, I guess you might be wondering why I haven't been talking about my Weight Loss Journey lately. Cast your fears aside! I am not holed up in my living room, in a Gilmore Girls induced trance, chowing down on raw cookie dough.

To be honest, my weight loss journey has been so easy these past few weeks that there hasn't been much to report. I have continued to lose weight steadily (roughly a pound a week) and I am now officially, according to the WW scale, seven pounds from my goal weight. I have been exercising consistently, mixing my cardio up with more strength workouts (which I have started to love). I have not binged in over three months. Generally, I've been craving fresh fruit--peaches, mangoes, strawberries--more than ice cream and cookies. And I've been craving a sweaty workout more than watching a two-hour-long movie. Oh, summer, how I love thee.

And I will definitely be reading this post and hating my ebullient self come November. Count on it! So, if you're struggling, go read some of my depressing posts from December 2010/ January 2011 ;) This just goes to show that I am incredibly affected by seasons!

The only downside to this summer magic is that it makes me more social than ever, which means too much splurging on booze and other goodies (pizza, homefries, biscuits) over the weekend, which I'm sure is slowing my weight loss. But so far I have managed to stay within my 49 allotted WPs...which brings me to some actual news...

I successfully switched to Points+ a few weeks ago and it hasn't killed my weight loss.

Long story short, my WW Leader, WW friends, and random people on the street all convinced me to give Points+ a shot. And clearly I have no willpower ;) Now that I've adjusted to the program, I refuse to switch back. I feel more satisfied with Points+ and I like having the option to grab a piece of fruit if I'm hungry. Also, the first few weeks I tracked my calories on SparkPeople while I was on Points+ and I'm still eating the correct amount of calories to lose weight (usually 1400 calories a day). So, there you have it, I am now a converted Points+ WWer.

Don't worry, I won't get all preachy and start knocking on peoples' doors with Points+ handbooks. At least...not yet...

So, today is my weigh in day. These days, I have an, admittedly, screwy weight tracking system. Essentially, I've been keeping two separate trackers for my weigh-ins (my morning, post-pee, naked weigh ins) and my afternoon weigh-ins at Weight Watchers (fully clothed/ after breakfast). I record my AM weigh in a spreadsheet my Excel savvy friend created for me, and I record my official weigh in on my WW e-tools tracker/ the Receptionist puts the sticker in my book.

This morning, I weighed in at 153 on my home scale. As I opened up my spreadsheet to record my AM weigh in, I realized that I've officially lost 20 pounds since May 5th. I will let you know of my WW verdict later, but last week I weighed in at 157, so hopefully I'll be down some (although you never can tell!)

Can I just say, it was amazing seeing 153 on the scale this morning =)

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. This post makes me happy for several reasons: 1.) You sound good and really happy 2.) You've finally converted to PointsPlus! and 3.) You are SO CLOSE TO YOUR GOAL WEIGHT!!!!!!!!