Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meeting in Real Life

Now that I've officially recovered from my Gilmore Girls day of hibernation, I can tell you about what an exciting weekend I had. On Friday after work, I drove up to Northern VA (again!!) because I had a big interview all day on Saturday. I'm not going to go into details here, but I'll let you know when I hear back (hopefully two weeks). So, on Friday night, I kept things pretty low key and went to bed early.

Then on Saturday night, I finally got to meet Beth! Quick back-story--I found Beth's blog, Beth's Journey, last spring when I was starting my weight loss journey. I was hooked from the start, and commented pretty frequently on her posts. Then, when I started a blog, Beth followed along and commented on my posts. Since then, we realized we had a lot in common (big weight losses, love of food, etc...) and we've been talking, via e-mail, g-chat, and the phone.

Needless to say,I was so excited to meet her! We met at Cafe Asia, a trendy sushi bar near Georgetown. I let Beth do most of the ordering since she'd been to the restaurant before. Plus, if you follow her blog, you know she has pretty awesome taste in food. Anyway, Beth took the photos, so if you want to know in detail what we ate, check out her blog. All I know is, we got a bunch of yummy appetizers including edamame and this fried thing with a delicious creamy sauce. And we got lots of amazing sushi. I also got a Gin and Tonic and we ordered several glasses of wine. Check out my stained teeth in the photos-
Beth and I at Cafe Asia. Note--unfortunately, this angle was awkward for Beth. Not sure why the bartender took the photo from the side...But did you notice how curly my hair was? Gotta love DC humidity and rain...

Me and Beth outside of Cafe Asia. I'm the one with the purple teeth =)
All I can say is, we had an awesome night =) It was fantastic to finally meet Beth and I'd definitely like to hang out with her again soon when I'm in DC. It's so awesome that you can actually make real friends through this health/ weight watchers community. I would never have expected this before I started this journey...

Anyway, moving on, speaking of weight loss journeys, I'm sure readers are curious to know how I'm doing--especially in light of my recent oreos meltdown.

Let the bragging begin:

1. I actually went on a jog yesterday. Granted, it wasn't my typical 2.5 miler (it was probably more like 1.5 miles) but hey I got out and started moving. And today, I can definitely feel it in my leg muscles. Note to self--must stop smoking cigarettes!! They made me so out of breath during my jog.

2. I gave away ALL the junk in my house. My friend's Brandi and Josh are now the proud recipients of a container of Nuttella, a roll of cinnabons, a microwave pizza, and a brownie mix. Good riddance, I say! Now, I'm going to survive on beans and rice and maybe some chicken, haha.

3. I attempted to count points yesterday and I'm determined to count points today! The only way to lose weight is to become accountable, so that's what I'm going to do.

4. I weighed in this morning. Now, here's the tricky part. I cancelled my WW membership a few weeks ago because (a) I'm broke and (b) I felt like I was wasting money because I wasn't following the program. So, when I was visiting my parents, I brought back their old scale. Will you, as the reader, be okay with the fact that I'm changing the scale/ time of weigh in/ day of weigh in? I'm 179, as of this morning, but I know that I'd be higher on a WW scale. How do you feel about this? I'm tempted to put 179 in my weight loss ticker, but I don't want you guys to feel like I'm being misleading...Let me know!

Okay, that's it for now. I'm excited to be back on track...although it's 10:11 am and I'm already hungry for lunch, grr...Well, as they say, "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels." Or at least, that's what I imagine, since I've never been thin ;)


  1. I'm so glad that you two got to meet! I'm also very jealous. :-)

    If you are ever in Memphis, please meet me, too!!

  2. Haha, Leah, I'd love to! Do you know how far Memphis is from Richmond?

  3. Ahh what a nice post! We did have such a good time. :)

    And good for you for getting that stuff out of your house, and for going on a run!! Even if it was shorter than normal, at least you got out there.

  4. Hello!! I just started to read your blog and I love it! Way to go! I have just started a weight loss journey and lifestyle change as well as a blog. If interested check it out

    Good job on the weight loss!

  5. Well, you describe Richmond as being somewhat cool, and Memphis is hours away from anywhere cool... so probably far.

  6. Yeah, Leah, I checked, it's 13(!) hours away. So far!

  7. Good job getting back on track! That's the hardest part!

    Also, that's great that you got to meet Beth. Emily and I meet up all the time since we met on the WW boards! I feel like I've known her forever. Isn't it crazy?

  8. I feel like you are completely misleading me with your weight! HA! Sorry I'm really kidding! Use your new scale. I'm a firm believer in it all works itself out in the end. Also sometimes seeing a loss (however it was achieved) is a really good motivator.

    I'm totally jealous you got to meet a fellow WW! I could go to meetings in my town and have a WW friend but everyone here is so gossipy and judgy that i just choose to keep my WLJ to myself. :)