Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Well...Hello Again

Hello again. It's been more than two years and I'm just now getting back to my blog. How I've missed it! I forgot how wonderful it was to share with a community of people, ramble freely about the stuff in my head, and have a place to write (and a group to write to!).

Is it too late? Do I need to start a new blog?

We shall see. In the meantime, let me fill you in. Nathan and I got married in August 2012, and we had a baby in January 2013. Her name is Olivia and she continually amazes me. And then when we were just adjusting to having one baby, we had another. Her name is Caroline and she is incredibly sweet. We are living and working in Woodbridge, VA--a town infinitely less cool than my old Richmond haunt. But oh well. We have a three-bedroom townhouse and a washer and dryer. And with two children under the age of two, we don't get out much anyhow.

Life is radically different for me with a husband and kids, and yet it isn't. I still watch Gilmore Girls (whenever I can steal the remote from Nathan), I still cuddle my two cats, and I still enjoy my ice cream and wine. Life is good. Nathan and I still manage to go out every so often to hear music and grab a few gin and tonics, but mostly we like to stay in and enjoy the fun (and insanity) of our two girls.

So, getting down to the business of weight loss. Somehow, despite two pregnancies, I never reached my highest weight of 240. With Caroline (my gigantic 9-pounder) I reached a peak pregnancy weight of 232. Five months later, I am doing Weight Watchers and am back at 190. I still have 30-40 pounds to lose. I'm aiming for 160 this time, but we shall see. There is no rush to lose the weight, and I'm going to strive to do this WW thing the right way--e.g., incorporate exercise, eat all my points, and get in my Good Health Guidelines. I've come to the realization that my weight loss journey may never end, and I'm okay with that.

Also, I added some photos on the Photos Page of my blog :)


  1. YAYAYAY!!! I've missed your blog. It went private for a while and now I see that it was just down, so at least I don't feel left out anymore. ;-)

    Congrats on the marriage and the kiddos. Beautiful couple, beautiful babies. I look forward to seeing what's next for you, and I'm here to root you on and support you.


  2. Leah, thank you so much! It's so good to be in touch again. And I'm sorry you felt left out! I took the blog down and restricted access to only myself so I wouldn't lose the blog.