Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guess What...

I weighed in this morning at...drum roll please...167.5.

I really believe that the Weight Watcher God waits until I get so frustrated that I've complained about my plateau to my family, friends, blog readers, random people on the street, and then, just when I have started to garner sympathy, the God decides to spite me with a significant loss.

Not that I'm complaining or anything ;)

Boy, 167.5. I honestly can't remember when I weighed this little. I think it was during my senior year in high school when I went on a crash Subway diet and jogged a mile each morning before school. I'm pretty sure that weight was fleeting though, as I went off to college weighing about 185 pounds.

The last time I was really in the 160s was in the eighth grade. I remember because I was completely horrified. At the time, I thought 160 was obscene. One step below a circus freak. I think that was also the year that I chopped off all my hair, got glasses, and bought my first size D bra. Not a pleasant time for me, let me tell you.

Now, I am back in the 160s, a number I haven't glimpsed in over seven years. It feels terrific--not that far from a normal weight. And yes, you can quote me on that when I complain about not reaching the 150s fast enough ;)

Okay, with that said, I will give you my word: I will put the scale away until next Thursday. I will stop weighing myself mid-week and just wait to see what happens when I weigh in.

And I guess I can't complain anymore that I've hit a plateau =)


  1. YAY! Congrats on the great loss, Katie.

    8th grade was the pits for me, too. I remember thinking that it seemed as if nearly everyone of my classmates had perfect lives and that I was the only miserable one... yeah, I'm sure now that that wasn't true at all! :-)

  2. Wow! Nice job! That is so exciting! By the way, can I just comment and say how much I was missing your blog for awhile there? Glad you are back! I can totally relate about the feeling of getting back into the 160's...I remember on the way up, hitting the 160's in high school made me feel like I was so obese (probably because all of my girl friends at the time weighed abut 110) but when losing and on my way back down, it was such a milestone of a healthy weight (or at least getting very close for my height).