Thursday, June 23, 2011

And the verdict is..

Down 0.5 pounds to make it a solid 159. Not too shabby =)

Sidenote: I haven't been paying for WW these past few weeks and I've been weighing in at home. It seems to be working so far. Do you think I should suck it up and pay for WW again? My plan is to go back sometime before I hit goal, so that I can become a lifetime member =) Does anyone know the rules of this? Do I need to lose a certain amount of weight to become a lifetime member?


  1. Congrats on the loss! :-)

    That used to be my plan, too, when I switched from meetings to online forever ago. That I would go back to lose the last 10 or so. I think that's the rule, that you have to have at least 10 pounds to lose. I'm not sure about that, though!

  2. I think you have to need to have at least 5 lbs to lose. If you call the 800 number, though, they can tell you.

  3. Hey Katie!

    I've been meaning to comment on your blog forever and now am finally doing it (yay!)

    I can answer this (being a WW LT member myself):

    You have to hit your goal weight (whatever it is) and then maintain there for 6 weeks (which you have to pay for). On maintenance you have to remain within 2 pounds of your goal. (I've been less than that before and nothing happened, so what I really think it means is that you can't be more than 2 lbs over your goal). After 6 weeks, you get lifetime status and it becomes free. All you have to do to maintain that is weigh in once a month and remain within the 2 lb range (easier said than done, granted).

    I will tell you from experience, both past and present, that - at least for me - it is helpful to attend meetings every couple weeks. Otherwise... well, we know what happens. Case in point, I haven't gone in the past 3 weeks and I'm up at least 4 pounds! Argh!

    BTW, I saw you in the weekly publication! You're famous - LOL!

    Hugs! Good luck and hang in there :)