Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is anyone there?

Good morning everyone. As I write this post, I wonder if I still have any readers. I've been a lousy blogger these last (what is it--five months?) and it's understandable that many readers may have run out of patience and stopped reading my little (picture-free) blog.

Oh, and about the photos, I'm working on it, I swear.

But if you're still there, thank you. It's funny--my blogging friends, e-mail buddies, and WW Board members--have become real friends to me over the past few years of this journey. There have been many occasions where I'm talking about a WW friend and people assume I'm talking about real-life friends. But honestly, when you e-mail or gchat five days a week for over a year, those people are real-life friends.

Anyway, for those who still read and care, I truly appreciate it.

As usual, things have been a bit hectic lately. I'm working as an assistant editor for a magazine called Today's CNY Woman ( and it's keeping me busy with writing, researching and interviewing. And during my off-time, Nathan and I are enjoying having our own apartment and living together.

I'll admit, I've become a bit of a hermit these days. I feel like I should just go ahead and buy a long nightgown already and enter middle-age with glory. Haha.

Nathan and I are working so hard that when we get home we just want to chill, cook dinner, and put on a movie. Last weekend, we decided to go out for dinner and drinks. We enjoyed dinner and then stopped at a Syracuse bar to grab a glass of wine. We ended up making it until 10:45 and then we both looked at each other and acknowledged that we were beat. Plus, we wanted to get home to our own house where clothing is optional ;)

So, needless to say, life is a bit different these days. I was re-reading past posts and it's almost hard to remember that I was (what some may call) a partier just a mere five months ago. Now, my priorities have shifted somewhat, and I think that's a good thing.

Anyway, as for health and diet, I'm not sure what to say. I haven't been dieting and I haven't been eating like a maniac either. Nathan and I went grocery shopping this past weekend and bought $115 worth of healthy foods--brown rice, whole wheat bread, fruit, vegetables, low fat yogurt, cottage cheese, edamame, and sardines. Our coolest purchase was some Wasa crackers that are surprisingly good and only 30 calories for a large cracker. Can't beat that! Of course, we still splurged and bought a small wedge of blue cheese and made a delicious lasagna on Sunday night for dinner.

I *think* my weight is roughly staying the same. But since I don't have a scale, it's hard to tell.

*True Story*

On Saturday night, Nathan and I stopped by the Goodwill. As we were walking through the store, I noticed a selection of scales propped up on the floor. Immediately, I turned towards the direction of the scales to weigh myself, paying no matter to my bulky clothing and boots. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Nathan was too quick for me. Every time I tried to get near the scales, he picked me up and kept me from getting to them. The store clerks must have thought we were deranged as we laughed and Nathan wrestled me from the bathroom scales.

He kept repeating, "No matter what the scale says, up or down, you're going to cry, and I don't want to ruin our evening. If you want to weigh yourself, join Weight Watchers"

Maybe he has a point ;) The prospect is under consideration.


  1. I'm still here! I agree about blogging buddies becoming real life buddies. :-)

  2. I'm glad to still see you Leah! How are you doing?

  3. Katie!!!!! i love reading your blogs and i'm so glad you're posting again :) hope you keep it up! i have to admit though, reading your blog is a guilty pleasure of mine... guilty mainly because i don't get to share as much with you. which brings me to my next point, are you planning on coming south any time soon?

  4. NINA!!! We need to talk. I miss you. Plus I need help from my Maid of Honor...we're possibly thinking of getting married this August ;) Umm...we're going to try to plan a trip but the car is not doing great, so it may be a few months. You guys are always invited to come up if you'd like. Give me a call sometime or I'll call you.