Friday, February 17, 2012

New exercise goals

Everyone has been telling me this for a while. And I'm not sure why it's taken me so long for it to sink in. But I'm starting to realize that one of the biggest changes I need to make to be a healthier and happier Katie is...drum roll please...exercise.

I've contemplated going back on Weight Watchers nearly every day for the past few months, but then I'm instantly derailed. Banana pancakes are my downfall.

Food--and yes, sometimes unhealthy food--is a part of what I love most in life. I used to tote around that saying, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," but honestly, some things do. Doughnuts fresh from the bakery during the weekends. Sharing a bag of Cheetos with Nathan on Friday...just because. Coffee with real cream and sugar. Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce.

Of course, it doesn't help to be with a guy who loves you, who kisses each roll of fat, and who would rather you happy and curvy instead of deprived and skinny.

I could, theoretically, go back to past habits. Start buying Flat Out wraps again by the dozen. Revert to my old dinners of stir-fried vegetables with grilled chicken. Start using Splenda again. Basically, gross Nathan out with my "diet" food choices.

Or I could embrace this new phase in my life. Focus on getting in my servings of fruits and vegetables while also enjoying treats. Focus on exercising REGULARLY so that I feel good in my own skin. Just focus on being happy with the body I have been blessed with. And less critical of the flaws I deem to be inexcusable.

Eating like I am now is not a recipe for regaining all the weight I lost. I think it's a way to reclaim my food sanity. On the other hand, I think exercising more regularly IS a good idea. I would like to work up to being in good shape.

With that all that in mind, here are some goals:

1. Work out 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Not sure what I'll do...maybe workout tapes to start out with and something else, like an exercise class, sometime soon..

2. Be conscious of my food decisions and portions. I.e. if I have pancakes for breakfast, have something healthier for lunch.

3. Think at least one loving thought about my body each day.
Today's thought: I love my hips.

Happy Friday everyone =)


  1. My biggest problem is the whole moderation thing haha I'm so good at enjoying the foods I love! Good for you to recognize what you want from your WLJ and incorporate it into your life, it's really hard!

  2. just curious, have you heard about the "Food Lovers Fat Loss System"? i saw it on an infomercial yesterday. apparently, it works by teaching you when to eat and how to eat (as opposed to limiting what you eat). i know you mentioned you have a hard time listening to your hunger signals and saying no to comfort food so this concept made me think of you. also, to an extent, i've noticed that it that it is something i've always done. (lol, when have you ever seen me turn down food?) i'm not saying "buy these books," but it might be worth your while to stop by a public library and read up on books that have the same concept.