Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A few thoughts

First of all, I want to address the elephant in this (albeit empty) metaphorical room: I have gotten boring and middle aged. 

I used to gossip about the multiple guys I was dating; now I regale you with stories about babies. I used to have a dramatic weight loss story (losing 90+ pounds) and now my weight loss goals are more modest. I used to drink a bottle of wine on an average Friday night, and now it's more like a glass. And so on.

And I know that, despite my new-found dullness, you're happy for me. Katie has grown up, you might think, and then you click to another page. Because unfortunately grown-up Katie is not nearly as interesting as crazy Katie. And you may be right. 

However, as interesting as my debauchery and dysfunction is to write about, it's more fun to be living a more stable life. I have fought, plotted, and tricked myself into turning into a "responsible" adult. As soon as the stick turned blue, that was it. I realized we needed all sorts of things. And so Nathan and I got serious about becoming conventional and we got all those annoying things--silverware, kitchen utensils, a backyard, a house, health care, etc. And now that we have two kids, we have things for them to destroy, haha.

Weight loss this time around is like fitting into an old soft t-shirt. I'm back down to 185--just 30ish pounds from my goal weight and some of my pre-pregnancy clothes are starting to fit again. It's wonderful, to say the least. Yes, I know that I still have a ways to go. And yes, I admit I did look up some bizarre "ketosis" diet at work today that promised a weight loss of 7 pounds a week. But I'm not going to bite. Fast weight loss is hardly weight loss at all. It's just a temporary high. I'm content with losing one pound a week, if it means that in 6-7 months, I'll truly have lost the weight. And if it's too painful to get to 150, I'll stop at 160 or wherever feels good. I'm not anxious to get to some arbitrary number--I just want to be happy in my own skin. 

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