Monday, November 22, 2010

Cleaning and Laundry

Last weekend was unusually productive for me. I cleaned the house, did my laundry, and cooked all my meals. In less pleasant news, my brother Nick got hit by a car while bike riding yesterday. He is okay, thank goodness, despite a concussion and a bunch of bruises.

Moving on, I went to the Farmer's market with a friend on Saturdy afternoon, I went to the gym on Friday night and Sunday morning, I did mountains of laundry on Saturday, and I cleaned my house on Sunday. Not too exciting, but it is pretty nice to have clean clothes and a clean (for now) house.

Now, I love having cats. They snuggle with me all the time and they constantly keep me amused with their wacky behavior. BUT...they have a terrible time with the litter box. For some reason, they delight in spreading litter all over the house. It drove me crazy that yesterday, just as soon as I had finished mopping all the floors, Leo went into the clean litter box to investigate and then got it all over the clean floors. Grrr....He's lucky he's cute.

Here's Leo, with my formerly pudgy arm (the photo was taken about a year ago)

And here's his sister Fanny

Anyway, my weekend was pretty good, health wise, because I managed to only use about 13 WPs, which is really good for me, since I have 22 remaining WPs. I also earned some APs. So, all in all, a good weekend for weight loss. Hopefully this translates to the scale, haha, although you never can tell ;). As for Thanksgiving day, my meeting is cancelled so I'm going to weigh in a day early on Wednesday morning. I haven't decided whether I'm going to count points on Thanksgiving or whether I'm just going to allot my 35 WPs to the day. The only problem with doing that is that I LIKE having spare WPs to use throughout the week, especially when I work out. So, I'll have to think about that. I also am thinking about going for a run or even doing a 5k on Thanksgiving so that I can eat more on the big day =) Does anyone know of any 5ks on Thanksgiving in either the Richmond area or the DC area?

Anyway, I gotta get back to work. Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. I generally use all my WPs on Thanksgiving day, and then only eat above my DPs when I earn APs for the rest of the week. Thanksgiving is only one day a year and I hate the idea of counting, but I'm always surprised in the difference of my behaviors pre and post WW. You'll probably surprise yourself even if you don't count!