Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Reasons Why You're Cooler Than Me

I was inspired by Katie's post this morning, who writes a fabulous blog called Keeping Up With Katie, so I decided to list 10 Reasons Why You're Cooler Than Me.

1. I spoil my cats to an absurd degree. I sautee chicken for them, let them jump on the counters and the kitchen table, and let them sleep in my bed. I EVEN give them slices of turkey off my Subway sandwiches. Yes, I too, am concerned about what this says for my (potential) child rearing skills.

2. I have an atrociously bad sense of space/ sense of direction. In high school and college, my friends often told me I had a "lost" expression on my face as if I had no idea of where I was going. And that's because I generally didn't. All I can say is, thank goodness for GPS.

3. I only drink coffee with lots of cream and sugar. These days, my parents are impressed when I only put in two teaspoonfulls =) And yes, I still use cream, although I occasionally use skim milk when I'm feeling saintly.

4. I like some RIDICULOUSLY bad music. While my music tastes have generally improved over the years, I still own (and occasionally listen to) that awful 80s song "Don't You Want Me Baby," and Fabolous' "Can't Let You Go." And I don't even know why I like those songs...It's sad really.

5. I stomp when I'm angry. Yes, you heard right. I behave exactly like a three-year-old when things don't go my way. I pout, I cry, I throw tantrums. Yup, haven't grown out of that bad habit...yet...

6. I never floss. Which resulted in my first ever cavity this past month. Here's a photo I took of myself when I was all Novocained up. I think I look like the Joker from The Dark you see the resemblance?

The Joker

Me, numb from Novocaine

7. I named my other cat after my favorite movie character of ALL TIME, Fanny Brice, from Funny Girl. Perhaps this resemblance will be harder to see. You'd have to meet my cat to understand what a comedian she is =)

Fanny Brice, the character

Fanny Brice, the cat.

8. I can (and have) eaten an entire jar of nuttella in one sitting.

9. I used to believe that my mom's dead ancestors haunted our downstairs basement. I convinced all three of my younger siblings of this fact and for YEARS we all avoided the basement. Even when we were older, we would race up the stairs to avoid being the last person to turn out the lights. (You'd understand if you saw a photograph of my Mom's ancestors. One of them was carrying an empty bird cage and honestly looked like a witch.)

10. I occasionally sing along to music while I jog. If I get too out of breath, I at least attempt to hum. And yes, I sing along to my terrible music, so I am quite popular at my gym =)


  1. hahaha i loooove this list! My favorite one is that you actually stomp when you're angry. I'll try not to piss you off. ;)

  2. I love your blog, Katie. I've been reading it unofficially for quite some time and tonight I just decided it was time for my own blog and to tell you that your stats are awesome and to keep up the good work!! :D

  3. I'm totally digging the basement ghosts! HA!

  4. Haha...the nutella one is awesome.. Though I've never done it, I know two OTHER people who have. It is seriously addicting stuff that's why I can't keep it around me :-)