Friday, December 10, 2010

Another 5K!

I have decided to run the Richmond Toys for Tots 5K tomorrow with my friend Kerrianne. Like the last 5K, I need to make sure to prepare.

1. I need to find out where exactly the race is/ how to get there.

2. I need to do laundry and make sure my race clothing is clean!

3. I need to eat a good diet today and make sure to get in some carbs ;) Yum. Love my carbs =)

4. I'm taking a complete rest day from working out.

5. I need to stop by the toy store to buy a toy and/ or bring $10 to the race =)

On another note, my first day on "my plan," which is essentially the same as WW's old plan, went pretty well. I went out with friends after dinner for some wine and actually had enough points to spare. My body seems to like eating 27 points a day.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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