Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I think that swimming may very well be the most underrated physical activity that there is. For the past few months, as my gym constructed the new swimming pool, I was excited to get in and start swimming relaxed (cough cough) laps for at least an hour or so.

Dream on.

Yesterday evening, I got in the pool and started to swim laps of freestroke and instantly realized that swimming is way harder than I had thought. It's especially hard to balance getting out of breath from physical exertion with literally being out of breath from being underwater. If that makes any sense. I swam for what I thought was a half an hour and then looked at the clock--it had only been 7 minutes. After that I decided to alternate freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke to make the laps more doable. I think I managed to swim for about 25 minutes, with a few second breaks after each lap. It was hard work, cardio wise.

Anyway, it was a very nice change from running, even if it was harder than I expected. It felt really nice to get in the pool and feel light as a feather. I think I'm going to have to buy a stopwatch so that I can know exactly how long I've been swimming/ running.

Then I went home and cooked a nice dinner of breaded chicken breasts with lemon, baked sweet potato with a few marshmallows, and peas with a little bit of butter (to have something green on the table). And then I also drank a good sized glass of red wine. I also managed to weigh myself on the gym scale, and like I thought, I'm up one pound. Oh well. One pound does not equal three double chins and a higher size in pants. And probably some of it (at least) is water weight. So, I'm not going to fret about the binge/ binge gain.

I love trying new activities, but not eating plans, lol.Today, I'm set on getting in a run (hopefully another 3 miler--in the gym of course) and I'm thinking of grabbing Subway for lunch. Dinner is still up in the air, although I might use my leftover chicken to make a nice chicken salad. Happy Tuesday everyone.


  1. Dude! You can run three miles?

    I am so jealous.

    I can barely run one! My body just wasn't made for it...

    Anyway, I'm done counting calories, too. I just eat what is healthy and yummy and keep working out and it seems to be working, so yippee!!

    Counting calories made me feel too guilty, and it is too tedious, so I am done-zo.

    Also, I want to go swimming now, but my gym doesn't have a pool! I will have to tag along with my mom one day to the YMCA pool or something. The suit that fit me in my freshman year of college (yes, I kept it) fits me again! I spent a good chunk of money on it, so, yay!!!

  2. Swimming is SO hard! It's such a great workout though and low impact! I don't have a pool at my gym but I swim a lot in the summer and it's amazing how much it takes your breath away!