Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 1

One thing I've learned today is that there is never an ideal time to start a diet. And if you keep on waiting for the right time, you'll never make the change. So far, my first day has been a little rockier than I anticipated, but I've managed to stay on plan, so that's good.

I ate one packet of instant oatmeal with a sliced banana for breakfast and planned on grabbing Subway for lunch after my weigh in at noon. But unfortunately at 11am, my supervisor announced that the whole office was having a mandatory lunch meeting at 11:45 with pizza. There went my healthy plans.

When I walked into the meeting, I was informed by the VP that my company won a new contract, but that most staff members were going to have to take pay cuts. Then the VP said that we'd all have to sign our new offer letters by the end of the day. So of course everyone was anxious to see the new letters. But before handing them out, the VP insisted that everyone eat pizza and enjoy their lunch.

So, not only did I have to wait 30 minutes to get my offer letter, but I had to watch everyone else eat pizza while my stomach rumbled. Now, of course I could have had a slice (or two) of pizza, but it was my first day being healthy and I didn't want to wreck it and then procrastinate for another week. So, instead, I drank a diet coke and waited for the verdict.

Thankfully, I did not receive a pay cut. As soon as I got the letter, I drove over to Subway and got a turkey sandwich and baked chips. And I'm going to weigh in at a different meeting at 4:30pm, and I'll let you know of the verdict later. So far so good with Day 1 of healthy eating.

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  1. Good for you Katie!! I completely agree - there's NEVER a good time. Every day and every week brings its own obstacles. I'm really impressed that you didn't just say, "ah screw it!" and dive in head first to the pizza.... That's what I did the day I joined WW (again) and ate 4 pieces. Be proud!!