Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's a Brand New Day

I am officially in my skinny pants. Since I have yet to do laundry, this morning I was a bit stumped about what to wear for work. So I grabbed a pair of the dark jeans I keep on the top shelf of my closet--the skinny jeans. Shockingly, they fit quite easily. In fact, they are a little bit loose in the thighs--not that I'm complaining. Then, I threw on my gray silk shirt, which has also been too snug, and it fit as well. So today I am wearing an outfit that I could not have squeezed into six months ago. It feels good.

So, I am pleased to inform you that I followed through on some of my goals last night. First and foremost, I exercised. Since it was so cool yesterday evening, I decided to go for a jog around my work. I believe the total distance I jogged was 1.2 miles. I walked an additional lap--so the total was about 1.5 miles. Compared to runners, that's a pitiful amount, but compared to where I was, it was a pretty significant accomplishment. Then, I went home and had a nice, relaxed dinner of a fried egg, english muffin, a small piece of leftover chicken parm, and a light beer. I know, it was kind of an odd assortment of food, but it definitely filled me up. Then, I hung out with my neighbor Colleen for a while on the balcony, and then I took a bubble bath, watched an episode of West Wing (Season 7), and went to bed at 9 pm. All in all, it was a very relaxing and restorative evening.

And I have stopped feeling bad about myself, thank goodness.

I am well aware that my weigh in tomorrow will probably be a disappointment, thanks to the junk food/ alcohol I've consumed this week, however I don't really care. I'm back on track again, and even if I gain a pound or two, that doesn't really matter. I feel great about my body, and I feel confident that I can continue to make healthy choices that will ultimately bring me to my goal.

Today, I brought some healthy-ish food for lunch, and I plan on going for another jog after work. I'm making tacos for dinner, which I am super excited about. Happy hump day!

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