Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update on the Challenge

Eating solely locally grown/ produced foods is harder than one would think, especially when you are on a limited budget, have limited time/ energy, are trying to follow Weight Watchers, and enjoy socializing/ eating & drinking with others. This morning, the thought of yet another peanut butter and honey sandwich (the same breakfast I've had all this week) makes me feel queasy. And so does the thought of my staple lunch--a tomato sandwich with fresh basil and goat cheese. To be fair, they were both delicious on Day 1. But now, I really am craving my oatmeal with melted banana and a strong cup of coffee with cream. And I could really go for a cheeseburger or a slice of black olive pizza. Yum.

I am about ready to give up, wave my white flag, and go back to eating exactly as I did before. Ahh...the good old days...

Okay, I know that I'm being melodramatic. It's not like I'm living on bread crusts and water, but this challenge is seriously limiting my food choices.

I think I'm doing this challenge completely wrong. I should have prepared, researched food, traveled to different butchers/ dairy shops/ farms to stock my pantry accordingly. Instead, I simply went to the overpriced, organic store in my neighborhood and spent $100 (my food budget for the week) on the following items:

-Fresh figs (over-moist and not very good)
-Fresh whole chicken (actually delicious, but surprisingly little meat for the size of the chicken)
-2 packages of ground meat-locally raised (haven't tried it yet)
-1 package of locally produced pasta (haven't tried yet it yet)
-2 sandwich sized freshly baked baguettes (okay, but not that great)
-1 loaf of freshly baked wheat bread (okay, but not that great)
-1 jar of locally made peanut butter (DELICIOUS)
-1 jar of locally made honey (can't tell the difference from other honey)
-Fresh basil (yummy)
-3 locally grown tomatoes (very good!)
-1 container of goat cheese (bland)
-1 bunch of collard greens, which were apparently ORGANIC not LOCAL. The signs were very confusing; however the collard greens were quite tasty ;)
-3 locally grown green apples (very good!)
-1 container of homemade vanilla ice cream (haven't tried it yet)
-1 container of raspberry sorbet (haven't tried it yet)
-1 bottle of Virginia wine (perfectly fine)

Okay, I know the last three items were splurges, but I was starving by the time I made it to the store on Sunday afternoon. And I am really looking forward to having a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a scoop of raspberry sorbet. Maybe after my weigh in on Thursday...

Listing all my food items has actually made me feel better. I think I can do this, once again. I am out of tomatoes, so for lunch I'll have a goat cheese sandwich and an apple. And then on the way home from work, I'll pick up some more vegetables and do something with the pasta and ground meat. Wish me luck!

I also packed my gym bag in the car and I am DEFINITELY going to the gym after work today. I don't think I'm going to my Zumba class (my teacher just switched up the song list and I'm not thrilled with her choices) but I'll do the treadmill for 35-40 minutes and get in some arm weights. Happy hump day!

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  1. Wow that list looks awesome and delicious! You should try to find some more fruit! Check out and I'm sure you can find some farmer's markets. Eating the same thing every day gets boring fast so if you get a few more items you can still make similar things but switch in different veggies/fruits.