Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boxed Wine

There is a reason why I don't drink boxed wine. Boxed wine, especially red Zinfandel, goes down like fruit punch. It's so easy to drink that you forget it contains alcohol. That's a bad thing.

Last night, I planned on making Cream of Wheat and watching Gilmore Girls and having a glass of wine. But I was out of milk. So I walked over to the corner store to pick some milk up(I had 5 dollars that a kindly coworker lent to me) and I ran into some people I knew. The upshot was that I got a free "real" dinner, corned beef and hash, which was delicious. The downside was that I also drank too much boxed wine. Oh well. It was a fun night, which I definitely needed after such a stressful day.

Okay, enough about the partying and moving on to the point of this blog--health. So, on Tuesday, I followed WW very well. I ate exactly my points and I went for a run at a park in Richmond. Yesterday, was not quite as good. I had Panera for lunch (12 points) but then for dinner I had a mishmash of things. Corned beef hash (not that huge a serving), an unknown number of cups of boxed wine, 1 piece of white bread, and an ice cream sandwich. Hmm...

Do you think that equals 14 points? I have no idea. Alcohol wreaks havoc with counting points. Anyway, my weigh in is today, so we'll see what the verdict is for my very so-so week. Wish me luck.

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  1. ha. I loooove boxed wine but also find it hard to control myself around. That's why a bottle can be good - you usually stop at 1 (or 2). :)