Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Holiday is Over

Well, labor day weekend is officially over. So sad. I had a pretty good weekend, what with partying on Friday night, hanging out with friends on Saturday, going to my parent's cook-out on Sunday, and relaxing/ going to the gym yesterday. And this morning I got to come in late to work, so that was very nice. For some bizarre reason, I woke up at my usual time (7am) but then I had 3.5 hours to myself. So I got in my workout clothes and headed to the gym.

Unfortunately, my legs felt like lead on the treadmill (serves me right for going two days in a row.) So instead I got on this exercise bike that was attached to a monitor and chose a race program video game. I know that I'm behind on this whole technology/ exercise phenomenon, but watching/ steering with my bike as I "raced" other imaginary people was much more fun than just doing the bike. And I definitely worked up a sweat :)

I will definitely try that exercise again.

As for healthy eating, I'll admit I've been a little off track. I splurged on lots of yummy food at my parent's house (mini-hamburgers, ribs, sausages, baked beans, potato salad, wine, etc...) And I also had some chips, salsa, and beer with my friend Adriane on Saturday. But the good news is that I haven't had anymore "uncontrollable eating," and I have exercised twice. I'm going to try to get back on track for the rest of the week and stick to mostly healthy foods.

I really would like to lose the 0.6 that I gained last week, although it's not looking good at the moment. Well, wish me luck and happy Tuesday.

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