Thursday, July 15, 2010

Alcohol is Evil

After gulping down two Vitamin Waters (zero calories) and taking four advil, I feel marginally better from my debauchery last night. Although the sound of the phone ringing is still somewhat jarring and my eyes are a bit bloodshot. Needless to say, I went out last night (yup, the night before weigh in) and I drank way too much.

However, today is a new day :) Today, I am going to the earlier weigh in because I scheduled a hair cut after work. And then I may have plans with a friend, but depending on how I'm feeling, I may have to cancel so that I can catch up on sleep.

I am somewhat worried about my weigh in today, given that I screwed up so royally this week. But, hey, it's better to weigh in and have a fresh start rather than to feel guilty and (maybe) ruin the next week. You know, I was talking to my dad yesterday about WW, and I realized that there is a downside to weighing in once a week (although I also recognize many positive things). The downside is that you can get too caught up in the daily/ weekly fluctuations of your weight, and seeing a higher number on the scale can be discouraging. The last time I successfully lost weight, I focused more on clothing size rather than weight and never felt guilty after I partied. So, on that note, my clothes are feeling great, I think I'm looking more toned, and generally I'm feeling pretty healthy. In fact, a random girl last night told me I was sexy, haha (I don't think she was coming on to me).

As I said in a previous post, it's a challenge ballancing between weight loss fanaticism and weight loss complacency--and I think I'm closer to the latter ;) I'm going to try to step my game up next week and only use my DPs and WPs. Well, wish me luck at my weigh in, and I'll let you know what the verdict is.

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