Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I did the measurements and the verdict is in. Apparently, I have an apple-shaped figure, which means that I have broader shoulders, a bigger bust and stomach, and narrower hips and thighs. Or in other words, I look like the Superman cartoon.

According to Look Fabulous.com,

"The apple is a wonderful fruit. However, apple-shaped women don’t always feel as wonderful. You see, an apple shaped body tends to have a softer fuller middle with slim thighs and upper shapely legs. She often has fuller breasts, thinner hips and thighs and a flatter rear end than most. A protruding tummy is also common among the Apples and is a source of much frustration and low self esteem for many of them.

When Apples gain weight, they have a tendency to gain in the midsection, they usually grow thick around the middle down to the thighs. So not all apples are curvy and overweight but generally, all have larger upper body and wider shoulder. This is down to the fact that Apple shaped women have higher androgen levels compared to women with other body types. The high androgen level leads to the skeleton developing in a more masculine pattern and fat is mainly distributed in the chest, face and abdomen."

So, apparently, I am cursed with the worst female figure ever. Not only do I have the big belly, but apparently I'm more manly than other types of women. Grrr...

I found this [the fact that I'm apple shaped] out the hard way when I decided to go pants shopping yesterday. I had one pair of dress pants that fit, so I decided to go and buy another pair. Not as simple as it sounds.

I went to three stores and struggled to find pants that fit both my waist and thighs. Several of the pairs I tried on fit my waist, but then ballooned around my thighs and butt, which made me look dumpy. And to make matters worse, I am in between a size 12 and a size 14, so the 14s were a bit too big and the 12s were too snug. Last but not least, I'm relatively short, so all the pants were way too long. Let me just say, this shopping expedition was not fun. Eventually, I found a pair of pants that fit my belly and thighs and were the right length, but I must have tried on 30 pairs.

The only consolation is that, according to other random websites, there are some pretty gorgeous skinny "apple-shaped" women, including Angelina Jolie and Catherine Zeta-Jones. So, I guess there may be hope for apple-shaped women after all.


  1. Angelina Jolie is one of the hottest women of all time so don't fret!

  2. I am a pear and finding pants that fit is really hard! I always have a huge gap at the waist.

    I guess pants are just hard to fit no matter what shape you are. You would think the industry would have noticed by now!

  3. Pants are horrible for me (hourglass/pear hybrid), too! For the opposite reason. They are either perfect in the hips but big in the thighs and waist, or perfect in the thighs but won't zip up because of my hips!