Thursday, October 21, 2010

And the Verdict is..

Down 1.2 pounds.

Warning: What follows is a bit of a rant.

To say that I'm frustrated right now would be an understatement. I worked out 5 times, ate as few WPs as possible (about 10) and still lost just 1.2 pounds. My leader asked me if I was going to let a disappointing weigh in keep me from doing well this coming week.

I said no. But honestly, I felt like I gave WW my all this week. I starved, I sweat, and I even DECLINED alcohol, all so that I could lose a measly 1.2 pounds. Which come to think of it is roughly the same amount of weight that I lost when I was dating N and eating pizza, ice cream and large quantities of alcohol.

I can't think of a way this past week could have been better. Grrr....


  1. Katie - According to WW you should be losing .5 - 2 pounds a week and 1.2 is right in the middle! If I were you I'd be happy I was still losing consistently at this point in your WLJ! I struggled big time once I lost the first 40 and went up and down back and forth every week. 1.2 is not measly!

  2. I know that we have freedom of speech and all, but please don't say "just 1.2 pounds". I'm sure that if you had gained 1.2, you would have thought it was a lot! Congrats on the loss.

    Losing 1.2 in a week is worth celebrating. WW is designed to have you lose .5-2 pounds weekly, not more than that. If you want to lose quicker, I recommend South Beach or Atkins. But as a warning, every time I've lost weight quickly (10+ pounds a month) I've put it back on quicker.

    You can do this, slower losses win the weight loss race in the long run. Keep up the great work, Katie!!

  3. Beth and Leah, thank you for putting my loss in perspective and for all the support you give me on a regular basis. I really appreciate it :)

    I apologize for ranting about a good loss, and I do feel much better about it now. I guess we all have those days.