Monday, October 25, 2010

New Bike!

So, for my birthday present, my parents bought me a used, purple, Trek bike. I am so excited!! I told my mom that I wanted something fitness related. And they surprised me on my Saturday morning with the bike.

I went on a bike ride with my dad on Saturday and I have to admit I felt a little nervous getting on a bike after all these years. But I quickly grew more comfortable and we had a great time on the bike trail. The trail was fun, and I did pretty well with the hills. I guess all this working out is paying off.

Not only is the bike great for fitness, but I'm excited to use the bike to travel around Richmond. I hate having to drive for small distances and it will be great to travel on my bike. The only problem is that I don't feel comfortable riding at night, so I'll have to do most of my bike riding on the weekends this fall and winter.

As for the rest of the birthday weekend, I had a great time and managed to make reasonably healthy choices, although I didn't try to count points. My mom outidid herself in terms of cooking and made two spectacular dinners, which I definitely enjoyed. On Sunday, I went for a jog in my parent's neighborhood (I think it was roughly 1.5 miles). My goal for the rest of the week is to exercise Monday-Wednesday and eat within my 25 points. Wish me luck, and happy Monday!

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  1. Happy birthday and congrats on the new bike! I LOVE biking so much and find it an awesome supplement to my workout routine. It's fun because biking is so enjoyable that I actually look forward to going biking most of the time!