Thursday, January 6, 2011

Choosing the Steak

I wanted to wait to post until after my weigh in this morning, but once again I failed to make it to my 11:30am meeting. Instead, I opted to go out to lunch for grilled steak and a baked potato. Haha, I guess I didn't pick the healthiest choice. But what would you do if you had to decide between a free steak lunch versus a WW meeting?

If you would choose the meeting, my hat goes off to you =)

Anyway, after eating 7 ounces of perfectly cooked steak with a baked potato and sour cream, I decided to go to the 5:30pm meeting instead. I guess I might not see the best loss ever this week as a result of my heavy lunch/ my drinking last night, but I'm not that concerned, because overall I did a pretty good job following my goals this past week.

1. I ate (mostly) within my points and I made a wholehearted attempt to track my food. I didn't track points over the weekend, but I tried to remain conscious of my food decisions--i.e. I stayed away from chocolate chip cookies and didn't eat a whole platter of cheese and crackers.

2. I exercised twice. Yes, I did say twice not three times. Unfortunately, life (i.e. being hungover and sleep deprived) got in the way of my gym time. But I'm still glad that I got in some exercise. And I honestly wouldn't trade my nights of much needed fun for that extra time at the gym.

3. I was extremely social. In fact, I overshot my target on that one =)

4. As for cleaning and laundry, I soundly failed on that goal. But I'm going to fit that in over the weekend.

So, to sum up, I did pretty well with my goals last week. Not perfect, but a huge improvement from the previous week. I actually feel good about myself these days, even though I know that I'm not at a perfect weight or in perfect shape.

I had fun with friends and I was able to not obsess about the points of each appetizer/ each drink. The thing is social/ eating drinking is NOT what caused me to gain weight, although I recognize that it may be other people's problem. Nope, for me, I gain weight when I start to eat in private, secretly gorging on junk food. And those binges can sometimes be brought on when I feel too deprived. So, it's very important for me to be social and indulge in a moderate way. Which I think that I accomplished this past week =)

Anyway, moving on with some goals for this coming week.

1. Track points every day, including alcohol (bah!). Stay within allotted points.

2. Exercise 3 times, for real this time!

3. Get enough sleep. I'm running on empty right now, and I really need to get 8 hours a night.

4. Clean the house and do laundry, for real this time!

5. Continue to be social, but don't go crazy with it.

Anyway, I have to get back to work. I'll let you know what the verdict is tomorrow morning.


  1. I think you've adopted a great attitude Katie! I love that you picked free lunch over WW - I'm sure I would be right there with you! :)

  2. Congrats on doing well with your goals! At least you hit the 530 meeting even though you had a big lunch. I probably would have skipped! Good luck this week!