Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Facts About Richmond

I'm slowly but surely becoming acquainted with Richmond. Here are some of the facts I've compiled in my year and a half of living in the city:

1. You can't find a decent bagel ANYWHERE in Richmond. No matter how hard you look. This, I believe, is a good thing for my weight loss journey, but a terrible thing for the citizens of the capital of Virginia. Something must be done.

2. I finally got to check out the house with the enormous polar bear statue in the front yard. I must have walked past that house a million times because it's near some of my favorite bars/ my friend's house. And on Friday night, my friend and I struck up a conversation with a dude in a Fedora hat at Avalon (because who wouldn't strike up a conversation with a guy in a Fedora hat?) and wham all of a sudden we got an invite to the bear house. FYI--the inside of the bear house has this long creepy hallway that looks like it's taken straight out of the set of a horror movie.

3. If you go to the bar just to order water, there is a very good chance that a guy will offer to buy you a shot or a beer. For some reason, just drinking water at a bar is a total buzzkill, so guys feel like it is their PERSONAL responsibility to make sure that doesn't happen. (Not sure if this is just a Richmond thing or not...)

4. Everyone has tattoos. Richmond is the only city I have lived in where I have actually had to defend my decision not to have a tattoo.

5. Richmond is ridiculously small and everyone knows everyone. Case in point, I met up with a new friend at a different bar on Saturday afternoon. The conversation was starting to lag so I decided to tell the story about visiting the bear house on Friday night. Turns out this dude is friends with the guy in the Fedora hat, whose name, I learned, is Mike =) So maybe I'll stop calling him the dude in the Fedora hat...Maybe...

Well, that's the end of my list, for now...I'm sure I'll come up with some more ideas as time goes by.

****Clearly, this post was a means of avoiding talking about the main purpose of my blog--being healthy. Sadly, I have failed thoroughly with that goal this weekend. The good news is, I ate more so I did not have a repeat of Monday night. The bad news is, I ate more. And I didn't eat good foods either. Hamburgers and french fries, buttery croissants, apple pie with ice cream, gallons of wine, and countless gin and tonics. Ugh, the list goes on and on. The good news is--I did NOT binge. The bad news is--I gave myself permission to eat anything I wanted in order to "coat" my stomach. Today is a detox day and I'm going to stick within my points.

I'd really like to maintain at my weigh in, if that's possible. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hi Katie
    I found your blog and was looking through! I know how you feel about the 'binge eating' it is my biggest struggle! I get a 'treat' day and then act as if I will never eat again. I try to get all of my favorite foods in, then feel miserable afterwards. I am working on moderation. I am also working on doing my first 5k on March 5th. I just started running and blogging about my journey last week. I have been bloated and not losing with WW for some reason, not sure what is going on! Glad I found your site...I understand all too well :)