Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life Lessons

One of my favorite sayings I've learned throughout this weight loss journey is the following: What you eat in private shows in public.

On that note, I am going to share my binge from last night. But first I'd like to briefly explain the circumstances. I was tired all day at work, because I had spent the night at my parent's house (Falls Church) and had driven to Richmond early that morning. After work, I dragged myself to the grocery store to spend my limited money on some healthy food for the week. Just as I was loading my groceries into the car, I got a text from one of the guys I met a few weeks ago, W, inviting me to grab a drink at one of the local bars.

Needless to say, it was a bad night with bad decisions.

The truth of the matter is that once again I've lost sight of my goals. Being thin =/= being healthy. I've let myself engage in unhealthy and unsafe behavior because I figured that at least I wasn't getting "fat." But being fat is not the worst thing in the world. I had friends/ boyfriends when I was heavier than I am now. I had fun when I was heavier than I am now. Being heavy did not make me an unattractive person. It did not make my life bad. It just made me unhealthy and unathletic...unfortunately, exactly how I'm feeling right now.

I love hanging out with friends and enjoying a few glasses of wine. I love having fun with people I know and like. I love dating--going to drive in movies and baseball games with a boyfriend. But hanging around shady people and taking risks with my health and safety is NOT fun. It's scary. Once again, I need to strike a balance between having fun and being healthy.

On that note, I bought a bunch of vegetables at the grocery store yesterday, and I'm planning to roast some beets and asparagus after work today. I'm also going to go to straighten up my apartment and go to bed early. I will also make sure to weigh in on Thursday even though it's likely that I'll see a gain. I'm also going to get in some exercise today, by hook or by crook. I keep having this recurring dream about running on the treadmill and enjoying it. Haha, I think my body is telling me that it needs to exercise.

I want this blog to be an accurate journal of my successes and failures throughout this journey, which is why I'm writing about this here. I'm not perfect (obviously) but I'm striving to be a healthier and happier person. And this is part of my journey.

Hopefully, I will have some more successes to share in the near future =)

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