Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clothes Don't Lie

I put on my gray dress pants for the first time since my vacation, and they feel tight. I thought that the 11 pounds I gained over the holidays was mostly water weight, but apparently that's not the case--my tummy and butt have definitely gotten bigger.

And I have no one to blame but myself.

Now, I'm not freaking out and I've been (mostly) on track since my weigh in on Thursday, but geez, it's annoying to know that 2.5 weeks of bad eating means that you actually can gain weight. Since the start of my diet in March, the scale has consistently moved downward, and I kind of got used to shrinking. In fact, I started to believe I was just on a downward trend and I'd never get big again. But now I know that's not true--it's really really easy for me to put on weight. So in some ways this is a good wake-up call for me.

Moving on, yesterday was a success at counting points/ staying within points but I failed to get any exercise in and I didn't hit many of my GHGs. I also spent too much money on food--Subway for lunch and Chipotle for dinner. By the way, the burrito bowl (sans sour cream and cheese) is only 11 points under the new system and you get a ton of food! By comparison, my subway combo--turkey sandwich (with light mayo and cheese) with baked chips--is 12 points and not nearly as much food or as filling.

Today, I'm going to try to get in at least one serving of milk and eat more fruits and vegetables. I'm also headed to the gym after work, come hell or high water ;) I packed my gym bag in the car and I'm forcing myself to go. How do you all meet your GHGs? What strategies do you have for fitting in your workouts?


  1. Not sure what your work schedule is like, but have you tried morning workouts? When I was working during the day (and even now that I'm working evenings) the only way I could get a workout in was in the morning. If I didn't do it in the morning, I had all day to talk myself out of it. Then, I would get home and once I walked in the door, I was done.

    Maybe try that? Like two days this week get up early and go to the gym?

    You have to find something that works, or it won't. Does that make sense?

  2. Trust me I know the feeling! After my trip to NOLA I couldn't even button my jeans and that's when I knew I had to go back to WW for real. I am actually really good about getting my GHGs in, but mostly because they are things I do anyways. With milk, I always have a cup after a workout while I'm making dinner, and then I try to have some either in the morning or after dinner with dessert. With oils, I drizzle them on salads or cook veggies in them. Veggies and fruits are pretty much all I eat, and I always keep a bottle of water at my desk.

    As for workouts, I literally schedule them in like I do sleep, work, etc. I look at my calendar and what stuff i have going on outside of work, and then schedule them in accordingly. For example, today I ran 3 miles before work because I have to get my car inspected after work, though I prefer to work out after work if I don't have anything going on that night. I'm shooting for 4 times a week and sometimes its more and sometimes less.

  3. I can really relate to this post! Even two days of untracked overeating can cause me to gain a pound. It's crazy easy for me to gain weight.

    I have never had problems getting in my fruits and veggies. Well, not since starting WW, anyway! I love produce. Usually I will have all five servings before lunch is over, and still eat a few servings in the evening. I steam vegetables in the microwave a lot, which helps me get them in. Plus I always eat a banana with my breakfast.

    The oils I had to work hard at, but now it's routine. The two most common ways that I get the oil in: mix it with salsa and refried beans for a healthy bean dip (I will dip wasa crackers in it, or wrap it in a tortilla with some greens, yum!) or cook with it. Also, add it to my steamed veggies. It really does make the food taste better.

    Dairy? I ignore because I'm vegan and get my calcium elsewhere.

    I do tend to forget the multivitamin most days, but I figure as long as I remember a couple of times a week I'm okay.

    Activity- I just had to come up with a routine that fit my schedule. I learned to make it a part of my daily routine, and now I've learned to love exercise! Try to find something that you enjoy, that was key for me.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions everyone!