Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Following Through

I am happy to report that I'm following through on some the weekly goals I set for myself--although granted it's only been a few days.

The results: I'm sore and sleep deprived, haha. As I recall, my goals were to exercise, eat within my points, be more social, and oh yeah, take care of my house chores. So far, I have eaten within my points every day (except for a 1/2 of a bud light last night), and I worked out yesterday evening. I have also been social every single night of the week, which might be a bit overkill, haha ;)

I'm not going to lie, the gym was a madhouse yesterday. It's nice that people are trying to get healthier this time of year, but it's so annoying when you can't find a treadmill or elliptical at all; I'm sure it's annoying for the newcomers too. I met my friend Kerrianne at the gym and we almost opted to go for a run outside in the dark/ cold because we couldn't find a treadmill, but we ended up finding a few bikes so we did that instead. Then, miraculously, I did find an empty treadmill and got in some time on that as well. So my workout consisted of 20 minutes on the bike (at a pretty easy program), 1 mile of jogging at 5.0 on the treadmill (12ish minutes) and some situps and pushups. I'm not quite in as good shape as I was prior to my holiday meltdown, but it felt good to get in some exercise.

I made my old stand-by chicken taco salad for dinner and it was delicious.

Some lettuce

1 orange bell pepper

Some finely sliced radishes

1 cup grilled chicken (5 points)

1/4 cup pinto beans (1 point)

1/4 cup RF cheese (2 points)

1 serving of baked lays tortilla chips (3 points)

2 tablespoons of dressing (2 points)

Total Points: 13

So yes, a pretty pointy salad, but as always you can cut the points by cutting the chicken, cheese, chips, dressing, etc... I had the points to spare and was really craving a yummy salad so I just went for it. But you can easily modify it to make it a 7-10 point dish.

Anyway, my plan today is to eat well and get in a nap after work. I can't believe it's only Wednesday...I miss those short holiday weeks =) What are some of your favorite quick go-to meals?


  1. You are so right - the gym is a total madhouse. Luckily I've been to the gym in the morning the last two days and got on the last free treadmill, and by the time I got off there was a line of people waiting. That has NEVER been the case in my apartment complex!

  2. I hate the first few months after the new year at the gym. I know people have good intensions but they are taking up my space!! I'm going to the gym today so we'll see how busy it is.

  3. Hi Katie!

    Don't forget that it's OK to say, "No" to invitations once in awhile. Being social doesn't have to mean going out every night. :)

    Don't overdo it!

    Also, good for you in keeping your goals in sight! I'm working on it!


  4. Great job sticking to your plan this week! So proud of you. :-)

    My favorite go-to cooked meal is beans, rice/grain, veggies, and evoo. It can be made different every time! Different beans, grains (I usually use brown rice), and veggies can really make this simple meal idea into several different recipes. Also, I will sometimes cook the vegetables in red wine vinegar and lime juice, and sometimes with balsalmic vinegar and lemon juice. Easy and delicious. And usually 7-8 points.

  5. Good job on getting back to exercise. That chicken taco salad looks delicious.

  6. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions everyone!

  7. I love mixing whole wheat cous cous and veggies.. it's one of my favorite go to meals! Or a flat out wrap pizza with a ton of vegetables on it.