Friday, June 11, 2010

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Losing weight means giving up a lot of things. It means giving up eating ice cream with hot fudge every night for dessert. It means not ordering an entire large pizza and eating 3/4 of it. And it also, at least temporarily, means not buying new clothes, because YOU WILL grow out of them. This, for me, is always the hardest blow because as my body begins to improve and I can actually see my waist--yay--I want to run to the nearest clothing store and try on EVERYTHING. But I can't, because I know that the weight loss journey is not even close to over, and I don't want to waste my very limited money.

I have reached a frustrating place in my weight loss journey where my "normal" clothes are too big and my "skinny" clothes are too tight. The good news is that coworkers, friends, and even strangers are taking pity on me and giving me cast-off clothes. My neighbor downstairs, Brandy, gave me a cute, stretchy brown skirt, my coworker Harriett gave me a huge bag of work clothes, and a complete stranger Kristen (who writes the blog Conversations With My Inner Skinny Chick) is actually sending me a pair of jeans that she has grown out of. In the spirit of the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I will wear the "magic" jeans, and then send them to another girl on Weight Watchers when I grow out of them. I think this is a fantastic idea and I can't wait until I get the jeans because as of now I have only 2 pairs that fit--even though I have about 10 pairs of jeans in my closet :)

On another note, I made it to the gym last night and sweated through 37 minutes on the elliptical machine. It felt good to exercise but I have to admit the elliptical is getting a little boring and repetitive. Plus, my knee starts hurting after a while because of my hyperextension. I really need to buy a knee brace. Does anybody have any workout suggestions? I really liked Zumba and I'm going to take another class on Saturday morning. After the gym, I got home and made a huge grilled chicken salad with carrots, lettuce, onions, black beans, and honey mustard dressing, with a warmed tortilla on the side. Very yummy. As soon as I find the connection for my camera, I'll be posting more photographs of food. Then I watched The Philadelphia Story and went to bed. All in all, a good day.

Anyway, I have to get back to work. What are your weekend plans? I, for one, am going on a date on Saturday afternoon and going to Zumba. Happy Friday!

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