Monday, June 14, 2010

Instant oatmeal has become one of my work breakfast staples. I can throw a package (or two) in my purse before going to work, and I have a healthy, filling, low point breakfast. Plus, I can bring some fruit to mix in with it. Last week, I added sliced mango, and it was DELICIOUS--kind of like a low-cal version of Sticky Rice with Mango. I also add bananas and berries to it--depending on my mood and what I have in the fridge. This morning, I had the oatmeal plain because I have not had a chance to go grocery shopping and I am OUT OF FRUIT. I definitely have to get to the store after work.

I had an awesome weekend. I went to Zumba on both Saturday and Sunday morning, and I can definitely feel it in my legs this morning. My date went really well on Saturday afternoon, and the guy e-mailed me yesterday to let me know what a great time he had, which was pretty nice :) I think we may go out again next weekend, so I'll keep you updated. And I hung out with friends on Saturday night until around 12:30 am when I got exhausted and went home to bed. So, all in all, a pretty busy and fun weekend, but I did not get a chance to clean my apartment or go grocery shopping, so I'll have to catch up with that this week.

Food wise, I tried to stay OP all weekend, although I did have to use 6 weeklies on Saturday because I had two beers and indulged in a high point Italian lunch. But I feel pretty okay with that, because I made it to Zumba.

Anyway, Monday came way to quickly and now I have to catch up with work. The weekend is officially over, oh well. Hope everyone has, at least, an okay Monday.

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