Wednesday, June 30, 2010

In the hole...

I just tracked all my points, and depending on how I calculate my two margaritas from last night, I have used more than my 35 weekly points. The WW tracker says that a margarita is 5 points (for 4 ounces) and I'm pretty sure my drinks were 8 ounces, so that would mean 20 points for the two drinks, ugh... That puts me 9 POINTS in the hole. Probably not enough to gain weight. But certainly enough to keep me from having a good loss.

I will go to Zumba tonight to try to limit the damage. And I will have an OP (on-plan) day today because I have no social activities planned.

Yesterday, was a pretty blah day, overall. I was hungover and sleep deprived all day which made me unproducive at work and made me lock my keys inside my car when I went to run errands, which cost me an hour and a half and forty After all that, I had zero desire to go to the gym :(

My date with A went well though. He brought me flowers :) and took me to a cool restaurant in Richmond (hence the therapeutic margaritas). We had fun, but I called it an early night so that I could attempt to make up on some sleep. I got about 6.5 hours last night and I feel marginally better, although my body is really craving more sleep.

Anyway, today is a new day. I'm not sure why I feel quite so grumpy. I think my body really needs a good workout and some fruits and vegetables. I'm feeling a little bloated and gross from so much alcohol.

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