Friday, June 25, 2010

I should know better...

Yesterday I pretty much failed at being healthy...but I had a good time :)

Coffee (1)
Fiber 1 Bar (1)

Wrap (1)
Grilled Chicken (4)
Laughing Cow Cheese (2)

Fiber 1 Bar (1)

1 Long Island Iced Tea (8, just guessing)
1 Beer (3)

Total points: 21

But I did not go over my points, so I guess that's good...maybe...

At the moment, I am actually feeling slighly headachy and hungover despite only drinking 2 drinks (although that Long Island was VERY strong). Not surprisingly, I got a little bit drunk last night, and I had a good time on my date with a JM--a different guy from J. We went to Carytown and got drinks at this cool place called New York Deli--where they make awesome drinks. And then we walked around Carytown and hung out outside. It was very nice ;) The nice thing about Richmond is that it's a very low key city--you can almost always find free parking, you can find cheap yummy restaurants, and the people you meet tend to be pretty friendly and easy going. Plus, the housing is really cheap, so I can afford to live there :)

Anyway, I started my day out with a bagel thin with peanut butter and honey--I was hungry from last night. I brought a sweet potato, black beans, and sour cream so that will be my lunch, yum! And then I'm going to the gym after work. No class today, but I want to get in some quality time on the elliptical.

In other news, I am now fitting comfortably in one of my pairs of "skinny jeans," so I'm really pleased about that :)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. aren't fiberone bars 2 points? What kind are one point? I need those! =)

  2. Actually Kristen, the 90 calorie ones are only one point! They come in chocolate and peanut butter and they are pretty filling.

  3. Katie! You look so pretty in those pictures, and it didn't seem like you had a bad eating day...Keep it up!