Wednesday, June 9, 2010

After a VERY off-plan beginning of the week, I am determined to get back on track today. How, you may ask? By eating a mango of course :) In all due seriousness, I am going to try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots of WATER today. And I am going to Zumba, no matter what!!

Since I began WW at the end of March, my diet has gone very smoothly, with good losses each week, but this week I hit a problem--PMS and boy issues. Not a pretty combination, let me tell you. I spent the last few days eating the entire contents of my refrigerator, crying my eyes out, avoiding my neighbors, reading spy novels, and watching Gilmore Girls. I was craving McDonalds french fries and chicken nuggets, but I really didn't want to run into anyone I knew. So I stayed home and ate gross/ boring combinations of food: Special K out of the box, pasta with butter, bread with peanut butter, and asparagus (just because I really like roasted asparagus with olive oil).

Today I weighed in a day early, with heavier clothes, and on Day 2 of my period because I HATE myself. Despite my bad eating, I was shocked that the scale said I had gained 5.7 pounds!!! How can that be possible after only eating badly for 3 days? I burst into tears and the kind Weight Watchers receptionist offered to post No Weigh In and let me continue next week. She said, "You're not a true Weight Watcher member until you've cried on the scale at least once."

But I practically ran out of the Weight Watchers office. I was too ashamed to attend the meeting, which I know is completely counterproductive. However, I will return tomorrow in my standard Weight Watcher outfit, a skimpy sundress, and record the truth. I don't think that I actually gained 5.7 whole pounds--that would mean I ate over 10,000 extra calories which I don't think I did in less than 3 days. I probably gained a few pounds, which is a major drag because I am trying to lose so much weight. On the other hand, this is a lifestyle, not a diet. And I have to love myself enough to keep plugging along despite minor setbacks.

Which is why I will eat a mango today, go to Zumba (I hope that I have the energy to do it) and drink lots of water. It's amazing how much about healthy living is about your attitude. I swear, I felt more confident in myself when I first started the program and was embracing healthy choices, even though I was over 25 pounds heavier. I just have to summon the self confidence to move forward with my weight loss and exercise goals. I know that if I stick with this program I will eventually get where I want to be. Wish me luck, and I'll let you know how Zumba goes in my post tomorrow!


  1. Hey Girl!! I feel your pain. Those gains are freaking killer! I have noticed there are always a lot of factors for me though, If TOM is coming up I usually gain a couple pounds, and if I'm wearing heavier clothes, or even need to use the restroom. It all seems so silly, but I say dust yourself off and try again. and if the gain sticks, then just GET PISSED and do better! Lol that works for me. It gets me SO motivated to do better next week

  2. You typed out my favorite truth - This is a lifestyle change, NOT a diet. I can't tell you how many people have asked "How's your diet going?" when I was in the middle of weight loss. I would always respond, "what diet?". This would ultimate;y lead them to ask something along the lines of aren't you eating different and working out. My answer, "Yes, and it's a lifestyle change. Diets don't work."